Found a dumb ass Blue Lives Matter rally,and it is by far the most jingoistic thing I read in my life. Y’all scream “Don’t tread on me,” and collect guns, but we all know you’re full of shit. You let the State and its tools crush you with a jackboot.Read More →

Looking at all the great work President Trump has done, I wonder, why hasn’t he made English the official language of the United States??? Seems like a no-brainier slam dunk to get this done? I’m not a racist but if your coming to America at least make an attempt toRead More →

Donald J. Trump is the most maniacal, insecure, reprehensible, low-life douchebag, lolly lolly dumb ass, narcissistic, ill-informed, dumb as a fucking rock, corruptible, bully, orange faced, dim whited, Daddy daughter issues, perverted, shameless, did I say insecure?, bad hair, tubby little cry baby, taking my ball and going home, 10Read More →

I can’t deal with California anymore. The governor just made an order closing my church and gym. It seems that I won’t have school next month either so I’m stuck in state mandated isolation without any of my coping mechanisms.Read More →